Things I’m Diggin’ — Feb. 2018

r/SkincareAddiction. I know I’m very late to the game but I only really started going on Reddit a few months ago. My favorite subreddit so far has been r/SkincareAddiction. If you’re obsessed with skincare science, culture, products, humor, etc. I would definitely recommend checking it out. Some of my other favorite subreddits that I think are worth looking into are r/Woodworking, r/ShowerThoughts, r/BikeCommuting, r/RenewableEnergy.

Online Learning. As a software developer, learning is part of the job description. I’m constantly learning new languages, frameworks, tools, and technologies. It can definitely feel overwhelming at times but usually, it’s pretty fun. I’ve been using Udemy for quite some time now but only recently have I really had to rely on it quite heavily for a new project I’m starting at work. I’m also using Udemy to help me on my journey to learn how to play the oud. I will say I came in with about eight months’ worth of oud experience so it made the online lessons a little easier. I don’t think I would totally recommend it for someone with absolutely zero musical experience. If that’s the case, it’s best to start out with in-person lessons. (This is not sponsored by Udemy, I swear. But I’d love to be sponsored by them if it means getting some free courses…)

Mango Salsa Recipe. I tried making quite a few different vegan recipes this month but my favorite so far has hands-down been Gaz Oakley’s (@AvantGardeVegan) mango salsa from his jerk burger recipe. It’s super easy to make and works as a great side for many dishes and meals.


Rihanna turning 30. February is a special month with lots of birthdays — including my beautiful, wonderful sister’s birthday. My sister also shares her birthday month with Rihanna who just turned 30. In general, I think Rihanna is a super cool and badass woman and I love that she took so much pride in turning 30. In my culture — as I’m sure is the case in most cultures — women who are 30, unmarried, and without kids, are often looked down upon. So this was especially important to me because I think Rihanna and women like her are ushering in an era where women can take their time and not feel rushed and stressed to do whatever is traditionally expected of them.

A Brief History of Self-Driving Cars. When I was living in San Jose (Silicon Valley), I saw self-driving cars quite frequently. Initially, I was a little uncomfortable with the idea, but now I do believe that they will ultimately become the de facto mode of transportation. I saw this article on Wired a few weeks back and thought it provided a pretty good synopsis of the history of self-driving cars thus far.

America’s Internet Speeds. Staying on the topic of technology, a friend of mine recently shared an article about America’s Internet speeds in relation to other developed countries. It was very insightful.   

‘Us’ by Curtis Wiklund. I recently came across these sketches by Curtis Wiklund and I immediately fell in love. He draws sketches of ordinary, sentimental, and precious moments from his everyday life with his family and I think they’re the sweetest thing ever.


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