Review: Lush Herbalism

In a recent review, I teased that I would be switching from using my once holy-grail Neutrogena cleanser to a Lush product. Herbalism is that product.

I’ve been using it for about four months now and have seen huge improvements in my skin, namely that it seems to have balanced out my oil production; I no longer get a shiny T-Zone like I once used to and my skin appears to be a lot calmer and break out far less frequently.

What kind of skin do I have? I have sensitive, acne-prone, combination skin with a few remnants of hyperpigmentation. I’ve struggled with my skin for most of my life and only since switching to a more gentle skin care routine and adopting an overall healthier lifestyle, did I finally manage to get my skin to a healthy state.

What is Herbalism? Herbalism is by far the most gentle face cleanser I’ve used. Its texture is odd; the best way I can describe it is that it’s what you would expect a weed/wasabi hybrid to look and feel like. Its scent was initially a little strange but I’ve grown to find it quite pleasant — it’s very, well…as the name suggests, herbal.IMG_0431

It’s not supposed to remove makeup, sunscreen, or anything else that’s heavy-duty. Its main purpose is to remove excess oils from the skin and leave it feeling balanced, moisturized, and calm. All of which I can whole-heartedly say that it does do.

How do you use it? This is probably the main pain point I have with this product — it’s kind of a hassle to use. You’re supposed to take a dab of the product and mix it with just the right amount of water to create a paste that you can then use to wash your face. It’s not the most convenient face wash in the world, but, hey it works. I only use this after I have removed my makeup with the Earth Science makeup remover and I follow up with some moisturizer. I only use it at night since I have found it does an incredible job of balancing out my combination skin. This means my face doesn’t feel oily in the morning and so I only need to wash it with water!

How much does it cost? This cleanser is certainly not as affordable as the Neutrogena cleanser. It costs $16.95 and lasts me about four months (and that’s with me using it only once a day). Compare that with the Neutrogena cleanser which costs about half as much. Also note that these products are “fresh and handmade” and so they often have stringent expiration dates. I’ve personally used Herbalism well past its expiration date before and have had no problems with it but it is something to keep in mind.

Why do I recommend this product? I always advocate for gentle skincare products. Even with using a very gentle skincare routine before, I found that I would still get one or two breakouts every month. Ever since switching to this product, I have found that I hardly break out anymore and that my skin’s oil production has been balanced.

What about the brand? Aside from just the product itself, I do appreciate what Lush stands for. They’re a fairly transparent company which I appreciate. I think their efforts to get rid of animal testing and minimize plastic packaging are quite laudable. A lot of their products come without packaging and they incentivize recycling by giving one free face mask for every five tubs you recycle at their store. I also find the employees I’ve interacted with at the stores to be knowledgeable about the products, brand, and customer needs.

I know Lush tends to be a relatively polarizing brand. In the zero-waste and animal rights movement, it’s all the rage (for the reasons I mentioned above). In the skincare and Reddit community, not so much. My suggestion would be that if you feel like you would benefit from the product, go to a Lush store and ask them for a sample! However, if you know you are sensitive to fragrance or any of the ingredients mentioned in the product’s ingredients list, it’s probably best to avoid it. Overall, I’ve really liked this product and the way it has worked for my skin and I hope it does the same for yours!


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