#MusicMondays: Delilah


As soon as I saw the news on my Facebook, I immediately and excitedly texted close friends and family.

Nope, it wasn’t another Robert Mueller update or the wedding announcement of a childhood friend — it was Delilah! And she was finally announcing that she’s releasing new music!

Who’s Delilah you ask? She’s a U.K.-based singer-songwriter who was signed to Atlantic Records at the age of seventeen and has released one album thus far, From the Roots Up (listen here). She’s also about to take the States by storm (or at least, I really hope so). I personally came across Delilah on Spotify some time during my freshman year of college, probably while studying for my Physics 1A class (*shudders*). It was the song Go and it was love at first listen.

I’ve seen her music described as “sultry, atmospheric R&B” and I couldn’t agree more. Delilah’s music is dark and sensual, her voice breathy, far-reaching, and powerful. She fuses electronia, pop, and R&B to create something entirely unique and distinctly her own. Her music is deeply personal and you can clearly see she puts her soul into creating her art.

You can usually tell if an artist is actually talented or not based on how much their live performances sounds like their recorded music. Well, she certainly knocks it out of the park. The woman is incredible!

Another place she shines is in her music videos which I would definitely recommend checking out. No one does sultry and sensual better than her and in such an artistic way as well. The music video for Inside My Love is an excellent example of this (watch here).

And of course, don’t forget to check out the new song she just released! While I obviously still haven’t heard the rest of the album since it has yet to be released, I think this song gives us a potential preview of the artistic evolution we are about to witness. The song incorporates components of Delilah’s old music while still seamlessly introducing stylistic elements we’ve never heard from her before. I especially liked the contrast between sound and silence throughout the song, I thought that was something interesting for her to play around with.

I’m so excited Delilah has finally released new music and I can not wait to hear the rest of the album!

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