The Fall in Silicon Valley

I’ve been a SoCal girl since I was about eight years old. I lived in Orange County up until high school and then moved to Los Angeles for college. I stayed in LA for an additional year after college where I started my work as a software developer. Just recently, I got moved to Sunnyvale, right in the heart of Silicon Valley, for about six months to do some R&D work.


Frankly, I do think a lot of Silicon Valley is unnecessarily hyped up; to me, it’s mostly just a very suburban place. If anything, it actually reminds me a lot of Orange County — Irvine in particular.

Yes, that’s an actual robot security guard that just walks around at the mall *face palm*

That being said, I have seen a few gimmicky things here and there that you would only expect to find in Silicon Valley — a guy “walking” his dog while riding a Segway and playing a game on his phone with large headsets on, a sign at a park saying “NO drone flying” — that kinda stuff. (There are plenty of self-driving cars being tested around here, so I gotta admit, that part is actually pretty cool.)

Oh. And everyone talks about their work in the tech industry 24/7. That’s probably the most annoying part to me. I’ll be out at dinner with a friend, and everyone around us will be talking about their job! It’s an obsession up here!

Now that I’ve complained enough, I want to get to the heart of this post, which is Fall. The season that is. Having lived in Southern California for most of my life, Fall has always been just a faraway, distant concept that I only saw in movies around Halloween time. I’d become so accustomed to having one continuous season year-round with only a few variations in temperature here and there as well as a bit of rain every once in a while where everyone on the 5 and the 405 kind of loses their mind and forgets how to drive.

FullSizeRender-4I’d never before experienced the falling of the leaves or the changing color of the trees and so it was especially stunning and noticeable to me. The colors everywhere are so bright and crisp and there are a ton of leaves on the ground everywhere I go. I know Fall is obviously not exclusive to Silicon Valley but Silicon Valley is the first place I’ve ever officially experienced it. And let me tell you, it’s been absolutely beautiful.

I’ve also never experienced trees before. I know that must be almost as weird to read as it is for me to write. In SoCal, there’s the beach, which is my favorite, but there’s also definitely a shortage of trees. Up here, though, there are these really dense, forest-y trees everywhere. The drive down to Santa Cruz is so scenic because you find yourself surrounded by mountains of really tall, dark green, lush forests of trees. It was absolutely breathtaking the first time I saw it.

FullSizeRender-1A few days ago we had a big rainstorm up here. It was pouring all day long. The best feeling though was the day after. The sun was out! Now, I’ve been referred to as both a cat and a lizard for how much I love just laying down underneath the sunlight. So you can imagine the feeling I had after not having seen the sun for so long and then have it finally emerge! It was so nice driving to work that day. The air felt so crisp and clean and the sun was providing just a hint of warmth and the trees looked so pretty the day after the storm. I was in love.

While I’m by no means a fan of the cold (anything below 73 degrees) up here and I’m certainly looking forward to moving back to my City of Angels, I’ll definitely miss the colors and feeling of Fall here in Silicon Valley.




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